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Library Specialist
Our Library Specialist is Mrs. Harrison.  Mrs. Harrison brings a great deal of enthusiasm to the library.  She loves reading and you will feel this when you step foot into the beautiful setting.
You can reach Mrs. Harrison by email at:
or by phone: (530) 872-6470, ext. 256

Library Overview

Our Library Program is dedicated to ensuring that students have access to well chosen materials that match the curriculum and the interests of our students.

All classes visit the library once a week and may check out books to take home. Students may also visit the library individually throughout the day using classroom passes during the library pass times.

The collection of library books provides for a wide variety of reading and interest levels in both fiction and nonfiction books. Computers for online research are also a part of this modern, well maintained library.

Our library specialist, Mrs. Thorup is available and very experienced in assisting students in choosing the perfect book for their individual needs.  As well, she maintains a variety of monthly displays featuring holidays, academic themes, career choices and cultural events.  You'll also be surprised by some very real hornet's nests (minus the hornets) and copious bird's nests!

The library is also a hub for after school meetings and gatherings.


Look Up Books, Renew Books & See Your Book History

  1. Login to your Library account
  2. look up books
    • click on "home" at the top or bottom of the page
  3. reserve a book
    • click on "home" at the top or bottom of the page
    • find book by using search box
    • click on book title when it comes up
    • click on "place a reserve" at the top center (this only comes up if all copies of a title are currently checked out)

What is a Concretion?

Is it fossil eggs, turtle shells, or bones?
Come by and visit the library and see all the displays from the ocean.



Picture taken by Mrs. Thorup's neighbor, Lanelle Smith

Most of the white squirrels are not albino squirrels, but are squirrels that have a white fur coat, due to leucism, which is caused by a recessive gene found within certain eastern gray squirrels. In such cases, these white squirrels have dark-colored eyes.