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About Us

in front of a building Ponderosa Elementary School is a dynamic place of learning, serving families in our community, for students in Transitional Kindergarten through fifth grades. The talented staff members bring many collective years of experience to bear, and their level of commitment insures that our students receive the best elementary education possible.
The goal of the Ponderosa staff is to assist each student in reaching his/her maximum academic, social, physical and emotional potential. It is important to educate the whole child. To this end, we are dedicated to helping students master the rigorous California State Standards of Education as well as the equally important life skills (qualities such as citizenship, teamwork, responsibility and respect). We use data to drive our curriculum and instruction, and to identify what each student’s needs may be. Through “The Nurtured Heart Approach,” we develop relationships with children to celebrate their strengths. We also use a Positive Behavior System to encourage students to make positive choices and be productive citizens in our community.
At Ponderosa Elementary we believe that all students can learn. The staff at Ponderosa takes this responsibility seriously and will do everything within our power to help your child reach his/her potential. Intervention is provided through our blended services model. This model allows special education, Title I, and regular education teachers to collaborate and provide the best programs possible for all children. We believe that we learn as a community and through each teacher's expertise. Our teachers support this belief through collaborative efforts. Ponderosa teachers are experts in their fields and meet weekly to review students’ successes and needs.
As parents you can help by being sure that your child has excellent attendance. We value parent involvement and believe that student success can best be reached when the school is working in conjunction with parents. We look forward to working with you throughout your child’s elementary education. With the support of our entire community students are sure to be a success!
cartoon students and teacher looking at a jar Our Mission
In partnership with parents and the community, and with the belief that all children are capable of success, we, the teachers and staff at Ponderosa Elementary School, commit to: inspiring each child's full potential; building each child's self esteem, providing a safe, supportive environment and empowering each child to become a responsible, respectful, resourceful and contributing citizen. 
Our Vision
The vision of our school is that our students, parents, staff and community will be involved and accountable to prepare our students for the future. We will all work together to instill a positive attitude toward life-long learning and a vision for the future that ensures all children will increase their academic success.
Our Values
As professionals we dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement through demonstrating an enthusiasm for life long learning.   
We believe that respectful, caring and friendly interactions will promote a positive learning environment.
We are united in the belief that sharing and collaboration will benefit our students.

CurriculumTop of Page

The district sets a high priority on providing current and sufficient textbooks and instructional materials for students. In this regard, our primary goal is to provide instruction and materials that are aligned to the California Content Standards. The district textbook review and approval process considers instructional materials that have been approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) for textbook adoption. Students have access to a wide variety of instructional materials including texts, workbooks, math and science equipment, reference resources, library and audiovisual materials. The school library and other technology resources provide students and staff with additional tools for learning and accessing information.
Annually the district surveys availability and adequacy of textbooks and science laboratory materials. Sufficient standards-aligned core textbooks are provided for each student on a one-to-one basis. Adequate materials support English language learners. District-adopted materials are consistent with state requirements. In addition various supplemental programs are utilized in classrooms and a number of intervention programs are used for academic support for struggling learners.
To support our students we provide:
  • Open Court for support in the English Language Arts and;
  • Bridges Math
  • iReady Assessment and Instruction

Common Core State StandardsTop of Page

Each day the staff at Ponderosa works very hard to create a learning environment that is challenging and engaging for your child.  We are also searching for new strategies and developing strategies to meet the changes of the Common Core Standards. We have made great strides in our implementation of the Common Core and in meeting the rigorous learning that will prepare your child for the next challenge. We take pride in the learning that we do as educators so that we can better serve our students.
To access the Common Core State Standards, click below:

Safe Schools PlanTop of Page

Our school safety plan exists to insure the health and safety of all students and staff members all year long. The plan is reviewed annually by all staff and presented to our parent council and school board each year for approval.
Among other things, this plan includes:

  • students are supervised by an adult staff member before, during and after school:
    • supervision provided in the cafeteria one half-hour before school begins and on the playground 15 minutes before school begins;
    • supervision provided in our loading areas for 20 minutes after school;
    • adult crossing guards assist each child being picked up or dropped off safely to and from their vehicles;
  • all school administrators have been NIMS (National Incident Management System) -trained;
  • school administrators lead staff in monthly drills to ensure student safety;
  • in case of emergency: has secured sites for evacuation and reunification with parents;
  • in conjunction with Paradise Police, Town Officials, and Local Fire Departments, Ponderosa Elementary continues to update and improve communication and safety for students;
  • students are taught school safety practices: drills are also held on a regular basis to emphasize safety in the event of an emergency (fire, earthquake, severe weather conditions or an intruder on campus).

School Accountability Report CardTop of Page

An annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is produced for each school. It provides valuable information for parents, teachers, administrators and the community, including:
  • description of facilities
  • demographics
  • curriculum
  • special programs
  • academic and test data
  • teacher/staff information
  • school safety
  • fiscal data
  • and more
Click here to see our current, and prior, SARCs.