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Afterschool Care ProgramsTop of Page

Ponderosa Elementary is offering After School Care for Kindergarten through First Grade Students.
Purpose and Mission
After School Care (ASC) offers an extended-day class experience for kindergartners enrolled in our kindergarten classes. ASC recognizes that play is the primary learning medium of childhood. With this in mind, Ponderosa is providing parents an opportunity to enroll their K and/or 1st grade students in this inclusive, optional, fee-based program. The program offers:
  • age-appropriate, appealing, and challenging activities to support the growth and development of the whole child,
  • high-quality, developmentally-appropriate, and on-site care in an enriching, safe, and nurturing environment,
  • a balance of activities as well as structured and unstructured projects,
  • complementary activities to the school program such as literature, dramatic play, visual arts, music, large and small motor games and the support to practice social skills.
Please contact Kristal Salcido for more information:

ELTop of Page

The EL poplulation is very small at Ponderosa Elementary.  To meet the needs of each student they are placed with a teacher who is trained in using Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English.  At the beginning of each year.  The California English Language Development Test (CELDT) is administered to pupils (grades K-12) whose Home Language Survey indicates a language other than English to determine if an English Language Learner Plan (ELLP) is appropriate. It measures listening and speaking for grades K-1, and listening/speaking, reading, and writing for grades 2-12. The results are used to determine the pupil's level of English fluency (Beginning, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Early Advanced, or Advanced).

Annual EventsTop of Page

  • Back To School Night
  • Spelling Bee
  • Poster Contest
  • Essay Contest
  • Tri-Tip Dinner Drive Thru
  • Family Movie Night
  • 4th and 5th Grade Olympics
  • Silent Auction   
  • Family Reading and/or Math Night
  • Open House

Before and After SchoolTop of Page

In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Paradise Unified School District offers after school programs at all elementary sites.  From 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. students participate in Power Hour (academics), arts and crafts, sports, and many other academic and social activities.  Space is limited so please contact us so that you may have your name placed on the list.  872-0562