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Welcome to Ponderosa Elementary School. My name is Tom Taylor and I am fortunate to be the Principal of Ponderosa. I am proud of Ponderosa's many wonderful programs, but most of all I am proud to serve as Principal to such a wonderful, talented staff. The great staff, along with very dedicated parents, has been the core of our success. Our teachers are all "Highly Qualified" and the staff brings many years of experience to support your child. Most importantly they bring a commitment to our kids.
This year many things changing. One is our new STEM/Makerspace Lab that will be available for all of our students to use.  You will also notice that our computer lab has been updated.  Over the summer 32 additional tablets have also been purchased.  This gives us a student to device ratio of about 2:1.  As we move forward into teaching skills identified in 21st Century Learning, projects that are hands on and require students to think critically and solve problems are priorities.  Keeping updated on technology and providing students with the STEM lab will be key in meeting these goals.

At Ponderosa we believe that you must teach the whole child.  We will model behavior for your child and teach lessons that develop character and virtues.  We will continue to demonstrate that we care about children by focusing on their strengths. As a site we will review our Positive Behavior and Support System (PBIS) to better develop curriculum to teach our three main behavioral expectations: Safety, Respect, and Responsibility.  With this effort we will be building the positive aspects of Ponderosa that makes our school a positive learning community.

The goal of the Ponderosa staff is to assist each student in reaching his/her maximum aca¬≠demic, social, physical and emotional potential. It is important to educate the whole child. To this end, we are dedicated to helping students master the rigorous California State Standards of Education as well as the equally important life skills (qualities such as citizenship, teamwork, responsibility and respect). We use data to drive our curriculum and instruction, and to identify what each student's needs may be. We also use a Positive Behavior System to encourage students to make positive choices and be productive citizens in our community. 

Ponderosa is made up of our community members.  That includes, students, parents, staff, and others.  We know that people are what make our school, and therefore people are what is important and make a difference.  You can, and are encouraged to become involved by working at school and by working with your child at home.  Parents and community members are always welcome at Ponderosa.  At school a few ways that you can become involved include, but are not limited to: working in your child’s classroom, assisting in school wide events, and becoming a member of our School Site Council or PEP.  To stay informed be sure to read Tiger Tracks, our parent newsletter.  Building the home-school connection is important for our students.  Anytime you can participate it is welcome.  However, participation is not limited to classroom help.  Participation also includes being sure our students have a dedicated time each night for homework, supporting classroom behavior by reviewing school rules, and even simple things such as asking your child to explain what they learned each day.  Parents are a crucial part of the educational community and I look forward to supporting all of you.

The staff at Ponderosa believes that all students will learn.  We take this responsibility seriously and will do everything within our power to help your child reach his/her potential.  We also believe that we learn as a community.  Our teachers support this belief through collaborative efforts.  To keep a laser like-focus on learning, teachers meet each week to set goals, review student growth, identify needs, and share strategies to improve one another’s classroom teaching. 

Your child, you, and the staff are what make Ponderosa a great community.  We look forward to being a part of your child’s future.

Tom Taylor, Principal
Ponderosa Elementary School


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